Philadelphia Museum of Art. Showing the gargoyle that sits on top of this iconic destination. A must see place when you are here for temporary housing Philadelphia.


Just visiting?

Philadelphia is a vast city of neighborhoods, each full of their own special delights. Your options for brunch, theater, sports, nightlife and more are limited only by your imagination.

The Constitutional Walking Tour of Philadelphia will introduce you to Philadelphia’s historic Old City neighborhood. The tour pays visits to Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell Center,  The Second Bank of the U.S. and the National Constitution Center.

If you are looking for a more immersive historical experience, consider Once Upon a Nation Adventure Tours where historical figures and colonial characters come to life, guiding you through the birthplace of our nation. Check out for more information, including children’s tours and other wonderful diversions.

You can also design your own walking tour through Your Philadelphia Tour, or let the experts plan your adventure for you. You can create a thematic tour – from architecture to museums to history – and build food into the package, too.

Philly is much more than history, though. In fact, the city is more lively these days than ever.  Don’t take our word for it, though. Be sure to check out some of these fabulous websites dedicated to keeping you informed about all the wonderful things going on all around your Ur Home in Philly short-term rental:

Drink Philly is dedicated to covering the best places to grab a cocktail, a craft brew beer, or just a laid-back happy hour.

Philly Fun Guide includes information on family events, fun stuff for the kids, live music, and more.

Visit Philly is a great resource for museum exhibitions, festivals, art shows, and just about anything else going on in Philly. has an events page great for finding concerts, restaurant picks, holiday celebrations, and wine tastings.

Uwishunu is a perfect blend of extensive event coverage and a great sense of humor.

With all of these options, why not give our Contact button a click and plan your visit now!

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