Happy family— mom, dad, and young daughter. Laughing and enjoying life inside a comfy home. UrHip properties - short term furnished apartments Philadelphia — is truly a home away from home.

Hotels vs UrHip

Urhip - Compare living spaceDid you know that our homes, on average, are more than twice or three times the size of a hotel room? As much as 725sf at UrHip Philadelphia vs just 170sf in the average hotel room. Go ahead… stretch as far as you want in a UrHip home.

Compare your waistline

One of the biggest complaints of business travelers is that they can’t seem to eat well on the road and that they often gain weight from eating out at restaurants. In your UrHip home, you’ll be able to go to the store, come to your home away from home and your fully stocked kitchen and cook yourself anything you like.UrHip Not UrHips. Hotels vs UrHip

Compare move-in and move-out

There’s no comparison! Simply walk into your UrHip home and you already have a full-size refrigerator, a stove, an oven, a microwave, pots, pans, kitchen utensils, dishes, silverware, a washer, a dryer, closet space, nice wooden hangers … The list goes on and on.UrHipCompare move-in and move-out

Compare feeling at home

UrHip Compare feeling at home
Four square feet of counter space, that tiny hotel sink, and a tiny refrigerator. “Just add water” foods cooked in a microwave. Noisy neighbors, thin walls, and “Do Not Disturb” signs.  Hoarding quarters and babysitting your laundry down the hallway.

OR … living in a UrHip corporate apartment and waking up to the smell of coffee. Plenty of room in the full-size refrigerator and cabinet space for anything you like. Fresh clean clothes hanging nicely in your closet. All of your stuff, on your schedule, your way. Just like at home. UrHip Just like at home Not UrStifled.

Compare cost

Urhip Compare cost Hotel – Average Monthly Charges Hotel Room – $4470-$11,970 Meals (average $30 a day) – $900 Laundry Service – $100 High-speed internet, if available – $450 Hotel Tax – $840  Corporate Housing – Average Monthly ChargesCorporate Housing – $2,100 – $3,600 Groceries – $200 Laundry Service – FREE (in room washer/dryer) High-speed internet – FREE DVD player & HDTV(s) – FREE Gym Membership (Philadelphia market) – FREE
UrHip Not UrStifled.


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